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Q1. All items here are ready stock or pre-order?
Ans: All items are ready stock. For normal item, we have 5 pcs for each items and for fast selling items, we have 30 pcs for each items.

Q2. Since all items are ready stock, why do i still  receive the message "No stock" or "Stop Production" after payment is done?
Ans: We process the orders according to customer bank-in time, meaning in a first come first serve basis. There is a possibility that when customer checking the stock availability, the item still have 5pcs in stock. But while payment from the customer is in process, the 5 pcs are paid and reserved by another customer who manage to make payment earlier.

In this case, we will restock from overseas supplier and it take about 2-5 working days to arrived Malaysia due to the delay of shipment or Custom duty issue. Therefore, we will send a message to advice/update the customers.

There is also another condition where the overseas suppliers had stop producing the specific item during restocking .

  Q3. What can i do if my order item has no stock or stop production?
Ans: Customer may amend their orders to other available item of the same price or request for refund for this particular item

Q4. How long i need to wait to received my order after payment is made?
Ans: Estimate within 7 working days (excluding Weekend & Public Holidays)

Q5. I need the item urgently, can the orders be deliver to me on the same/next day?
Ans: We do not commit to urgent orders and delivery due to high sales turnover.

Q6. What should i do if i didn't received my parcel after the 7 working days?
Ans: You can immediately contact us for further inquiries.

Q7. Is the real item same like the picture?
Ans: All the items are 95% as shown in the pictures and may vary slightly in the measurements and color. If the delivered items are different between the picture and real item, we will refer the real item as standard. We do not accept item quality issues as excuses for return or refund.

Q8. Is the description measurement 100% same with real item?
Ans: Due to different measurement standard and tools by suppliers and buyers, the real item measurement may vary -/+3cm. If there is any different between the description and real item, we will refer the real item as standard. We didn't accept measurements variation as return or refund excuses if the measurement is within the -/+3cm range.

Q9. Why sometimes the item state FREE Belt or FREE Accessories, but i didn't received the FREE Belt or Accessories when i received the order?
Ans: The FREE Belt or FREE Accessories are the FREE Gift offer by the supplier, it's limited and while stock last. We didn't accept the FREE Gift issue as return or refund excuses.

Q10. Can i exchange or return the purchased item?
Ans: We didn't allow any exchange or return for good sold items. If the item is defective when received, please contact us for enquiris and exchange may be considered in a case to case basis.